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    Reuse and Recycle

    The one project not only recycle but we also, reuse, repurpose and help others reduce their use of hard to recycle items.


    We have over 50 different recycle streams from sweet packets to Bra's.


    We have a community swap shop stall that was born out of lockdown. People had time to clear out their wardrobes and charity shops were turning away thousands of items and directing people to their local recycle centres. The swap shop was born and there is now a stall in our local indoor market for people to swap or pay a donations of their choice for good, quality items of clothes. We also hold clothes swap events in and around Macclesfield.


    All of Martin's community garden and planters are made from great quality wood that was destined for landfill. This wood has also gone on to make bird boxes, wooden Christmas trees and bug houses.


    Now the Hive is open we plan to hold different workshops where people can come and take part and upcycle, make items from materials that would normally end up in landfill and also repurpose products and materials that will be beneficial to them or others in the community.