Working with the community for a brighter future.

  • A cohesive and inclusive community, empowered by the knowledge and skills to embrace sustainable environmentally friendly ways of living.

    One Project is a non-profit organisation whose purpose is to raise awareness and inspire people to take responsibility for the natural environment and others in our community. One Project supports and promotes education, research and action. By educating local communities about ways of living that promote the environment, One Project shall develop knowledge and skills in individuals, organisations and institutions so they can embrace sustainable environmentally friendly ways of living.



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    Improving our Environment

    We are passionate about our environment and the impact we have on it through the materials that we use, use of energy and water, etc. Encouraging recycling is something that is learning to be more and more important as we fight climate change.

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    Supporting those in Need

    One Project was founded by a small group of friends dedicated to helping those in need. We are a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping those who have been affected by tragedy or emergency situations and are struggling to get back on their feet. Our team is made up entirely of volunteers, including those who work directly with our recipients and who manage each project.

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    Support for the Eco Community

    The Eco Community is an online digital community focused on sharing, engaging and supporting the environmental community. We pride ourselves on being a network that brings people together while celebrating our differences, working together in a constructive way, supporting what we believe in, exploring new ideas and building lasting relationships

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    The Hive, Brook Street Mill, Turnock St, Cheshire, Macclesfield SK11 7AP